DSP Summer Contest 2019

Contest for 2 months 7/15 – 9/15


$50k spent for two months prizes:
1. $2500 cash back (to buy back on our DSP)
or MacBook Pro


$25k spent for two months prizes:
1. $1500 CB
or iPhone XS


$10k spent for two months prizes:
1. $750 CB
or Samsung UHD 4K

New DSP Partners:

$20k spent for two months prizes:
1. $1200 CB
or iWatch 4

Required Condition:
At 20% percent increase from the previous month

01. Sign Up

Become an advertiser and start running your campaigns.

02. Start Campaign

Reach $20k (or more) on campaign spent.

03. Win Big!

Choose your prize.


AdservME ‘Summer Contest’ open for existing and new advertisers.

For an existing advertiser, in order to take part in a competition, the term is to have a 20% percent increase (of the spent) comparing to the previous month.

New advertiser will be defined as a brand-new partner that never had an active account with AdservME.

The competition will last only for 60 days and afterwards, AdservME will declare the winner from each category up to 30 business days.

Adservme reserve the right to exchange the prizes with Average value of the product (in USD).