The question

I get almost everyday from affiliates and media buyers is: “Does Push Notification really works? “

My answer is always divided into two parts – 1) “Yes!” 2) “This is the best thing that happened to affiliation since Facebook Ads and Search Ads.”

A little bit of background for those of you who still did not hear about the new Ad-Tech Buzz Word – Push.

What is it?

You are surely familiar with normal push notification on your phone when you get a direct push message on your phone from various content providers. Now you can also utilize that same push technology to promote your affiliate campaigns by monetizing push users from different ad networks.

The reason ad network has push user list is due to the fact those users agreed to receive push notification from them and were added to their list (just like an approved email list)
And now those networks can send those users commercial notifications any time they wish.

Why is it good for Affiliates and Media Buyers?

Push gives affiliates, advertisers and media buyers the power to meet their potential users at any relevant time while knowing their notification will track their attention.

Smart Affiliation has always been about finding an “edge” wheatear it’s marketing or technological and push provides exactly that. A new way to attract and convert your offers to relevant users.

Every push notification has three basic elements which are very similar to search ads:

Text Write a short text your offer, usually should be one or two sentences to make the user click your AD.

Image – Notifications must be associated with a relevant image.

Link – The landing page you wish to drive traffic to.

Does it Really Work?

Yes, well, in fact, Yes is a bit understatement.

While push notification is a relatively new ad format,  it’s attraction among affiliates and media buyers are unprecedented. The immediate impact and success story of push notification monetization has flooded the web and made every affiliate at least consider trying push soon.

Quick proof on why push is such a big phenomenon you can find when you compare push CR to email campaigns, our last data had shown significantly higher ROI on push campaign – up to five times higher. So now you can understand why push is such a Buzz Word.

Tips to Make A Killer Push Campaign

  • Get push from networks who are talking about it.
  • Try different offers types and creatives.
  • Remember pricing is on CPC – don’t buy push on CPM
  • Use your creativity for Text, Image and LP
  • More offers = more money.
  • Competition is becoming high on Tier 1 GEO’s – Try also low tier
  • Don’t give up – with push success is around the corner

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