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The most popular sport event in the US kicks off on Sunday, Feb. 3.
With HUGE media coverage and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world, you need to make sure your ad campaigns ready to convert into customers.

One of the biggest challenges for brands around a Super Bowl campaign is properly assessing risk. The upside of a Super Bowl ad is obvious, thanks to the large scale of the audience

Most emotionally engaging ad, based on facial tracking: Last year, humor was a top feature of winning commercials – and as it turns out, this year’s top ads focused on humor.

We’ve prepared a guide for successful campaigns during the Game and some great 2018 stats to back you up.

Audience-Focused Data

By Marketing Charts

  • More than two-thirds (68%) of homes with TVs in use on Super Bowl Sunday were tuned into the Super Bowl telecast, with preliminary estimates from Nielsen finding that the game drew an average audience of 103.4 million viewers, down considerably from last year’s event (111.3 million) and just the 9th-most watched game so far.
  • Nielsen also reports that there were 170.7 million social media interactions related to the game across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • For its part, Facebook IQ reports that 62 million people worldwide joined the conversation on Facebook to the tune of 270 million interactions, up from last year’s 240 million

Top Verticals

Clearly betting offers are the most popular during the Super Bowl but other verticals can perform good as well like:

sports betting
Streaming and file sharing
eCommerce (merchandise)

As you can see advertisers and affiliates used Super Bowl-themed campaigns to promote their offers.

During any type of sporting event, the audience becomes more attentive and responsive to ads

Top GEOs

Although the leading GEOs were easy to predict, some locations came as a surprise.

United States
United Kingdom

The U.S. was an absolute leader in terms of profit and conversion rate, which is expected because the major chunk of the audience watching the SP. Other GEOs that performed well are United Kindom, Brazil and Germany. The GEOs that showed the lowest engagement was Australia, Belgium and New Zealand.


Long-Term Engagement Campaigns

The longer a brand can leverage the cache of a Super Bowl campaign into active audience engagement, the better the chances the campaign will succeed. Is it a last-minute e-commerce deal or a sportsbook offer with a complicated multi-step registration funnel? Analyze the offer before you start.


Score touchdown with Push Notification, In-App and POP campaigns.

We really hope you enjoy this article and wishing you super-converting Super Bowl campaign 🙂

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